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Fenwick Lodge Unique Evening | Durham Freemasons

Fenwick Lodge No. 1389 returned from their summer break to celebrate their 150 th anniversary or sesquicentennial meetings.

This was to be in two parts. The lodge does not normally meet in September, so their first meeting was by dispensation.

The lodge negotiated with Beamish Museum regarding the possibility of holding the meeting in the Masonic Temple within the museum.

The staff at Beamish were most accommodating and the meeting (a morning meeting) was arranged for Friday 16 th September 2022.

The lodge could not use the main Lodge Room as this was open for museum visitors at the time, but Beamish staff were able to provide an anteroom which was arranged by the lodge to resemble a lodge room.  The room was small which limited the number present to 40.

The Worshipful Master, Dr Ian C Cubbin opened the lodge and Mr Liam Aitchison was initiated.

Liam, as their newest member, was completely unaware of the significance of the building and the uniqueness of the ceremony as no Masonic ceremonies had taken place in the building since 1932.

After all those present gave their fraternal greetings the lodge was closed and those present removed themselves to the café above the Cooperative Stores where an excellent Festive Board was provided.

After the meal, the normal toasts were given and at the appropriate moment, Bro Aitchison responded to the toast to him.

After the festive board members wandered around Beamish their dress code making some visitors feel that they were in museum character.  Some sampled the Victorian public house while others visited the sweet shop.  Some visited both!

A very enjoyable morning and afternoon were enjoyed by those present and they all looked forward to part two in October.


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