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Feed Bellies not Bins | Durham Freemasons

The Provincial Grand Master, John Thompson, led a full Team visit to Corinthian Lodge in Shildon on Tuesday 23 rd May. The Lodge room was full, with over 75 brethren in attendance to witness Gavin North receiving his 2 nd Degree in an excellent ceremony performed by the officers of the Lodge.

The 3-course meal served (photos included) at the festive board was enjoyed by all present, and only afterwards were they informed that the food they ate was 100% rescued by and donated by “Shildon Alive”, who had in the recent past received a donation from Durham Benevolence, of £1,000.00 match funded by the MCF.

The Project Manager of Shildon Alive, Paula Nelson, who had attended a benevolence meeting last year, and spoke passionately on the subject of “Feed bellies, not bins” was present at the festive board accompanied by Tracy Chapell, the Food Co-Ordinator. Both speakers enlightened everyone as to the millions of pounds worth of food, which would end up in landfills, although perfectly edible, which was rescued by the likes of Shildon Alive, who used the food to benefit the local community where it was needed.

The brethren present were asked to make a donation, suggested at £10 per head, in lieu of payment for the meal provided. A super raffle was also held and when both totals were added to the collection tray from the Lodge room, a magnificent sum of £1440.00 was donated to Durham Benevolence, to then be presented to Shildon Alive, gratefully accepted by Chairman John Watts. John in his reply thanked everyone for their generosity, and by resounding acclaim, all those present hoped Durham Benevolence would increase the £1,440.00 to £2,000.00 as an additional grant.

In his concluding remarks, John gave huge praise to Stan Hunter. the Benevolence Representative of Corinthian Lodge, for all of his efforts in arranging the meeting to take place.

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