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Durham Commemorating The 1723 Constitutions | Durham Freemasons

Durham Freemasons enjoy  fantastic day at the United Grand Lodge of England  Especial meeting to commemorate the Tercentenary of the ‘Andersons Constitutions,’  published in 1723.

The 1723 Constitutions are a radical statement of Enlightenment-era beliefs.

At the meeting, a video was shown to the 1600 attendees, depicting a re-enactment of the events 300 years a leading to the publication of our  1723 Constitutions.

Watch the video on the UGLE YouTube channel here:

Dr Ric Berman then gave a presentation on the importance of the 1723 constitutions, followed by as a quite inspirational oration from W Bro Akram R. Elias  Provincial Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia, and Prestonian Lecturer 2023 whose paper is entitled:

‘The 1723 Constitutions: The Indispensable Trowel; Cementing America’s Foundations’.

To Learn more about the 1723 Constitutions go to the dedicated Webpage here:

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