Doric L5455

Who are we?

Doric Lodge was consecrated in 1934.  We have a diverse and varied cross-section of members from all walks of life, occupations and professions.  Most of our members live locally but we have some who travel from across the country to join our meetings.

What we do

Although we are proud of our rich history, we are a forward-looking lodge, keen to promote the traditions and values of Freemasonry into the 21st century.  We are proud of the standard of our Masonic ritual (Emulation).

We meet once a month to promote friendship, respect and charity, regularly welcoming visitors from other lodges, far and wide.

We enjoy our Freemasonry in all its aspects and have a common goal to meet like-minded people and enjoy each-others company. We strive to improve our lives and assist in local and national charities.

We also provide moral support and comfort to our members and their families in times of ill health or enforced absence, trying to ensure no one is forgotten about.  

To find out more about Freemasonry in general you can visit the website of the United Grand Lodge of England at 

Why join us?

We are a forward-looking lodge which fully respects the history and traditions of Freemasonry while looking forward and embracing ideas which will take us into the future and improve the masonic experience for everyone.  Friendship, respect and warmth are at the heart of our Lodge.  Join us to enjoy a warm welcome, good company and a great night!

When we meet

On the third Wednesday of each month in September, October, November, December, February, April and May.


Joining fee: £90.00

Lodge subscriptions: £165.00

Typical dining fee: £10.00 for Visitors (Members are included within Subscription Fees)


facilities at Spennymoor Masonic Hall


Dundas Street, Spennymoor, Co. Durham, DL16 6AS

Hall information

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Lodges that meet here


There is ample FREE parking available outside and behind the Masonic Hall, as well as in the nearby Town Hall parking area. 


Spennymoor Masonic Hall is on Dundas Street, the entrance to which is directly opposite the Town Hall main entrance.


Double doors


There are emergency exits from all ground floor rooms evacuating to level ground outside the building.


There is a stair lift for access to the Lodge room on the first floor.


There are gents, ladies and disabled toilets on the ground floor and a ladies’ toilet on the first floor.


The entrance is into a hallway which leads to dining room and lounge/bar area on the ground floor and stairs (and stair lift) to the Lodge room on the first floor. 


There is a stair lift for access to the Lodge room on the first floor.

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