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Caring Volunteers

When a brother passes to the great architect in the sky he does so in the knowledge that his Lodge, through its almoner, will be there to maintain an interest in the lives of his widow and dependents. 

The Lodge Almoner provides a lasting link with the family and should the need arise a timely identifier of any needs and support that Freemasonry can give. He should be the gatekeeper to the many ways we can help the families of our deceased brethren. The Almoner ensures Freemasonry fulfils its last but what greatest commitment to our brethren. To be there when they are not!

When Lodges close this link can be lost and our promise broken. To prevent this happening many closing Lodges seek a local solution within the network of lodges and almoners in their area or building. 

Should a local solution not be possible The Provincial Grand Almoner takes over. There is a dedicated team of Caring Volunteers who step in and help all Masons fulfil their commitment to our departed brethren. These Volunteers are yet another shining example of the true meaning of Charity amongst freemasons. Each caring Volunteer is asked to look after maybe 10 Widows, ideally visit them twice a year and be there to provide the ongoing link to freemasonry. We cannot step in and provide support if we do not know there is a need.

Caring Volunteers are truly central to the commitment we make as freemasons and the role provides an amazing amount of satisfaction to those who undertake it. The time involved can realistically be managed with maybe two visits in total per month (maybe half a day per month?) but the impact on what are often isolated individuals can be substantial.

If you feel you have the energy, desire and commitment to fulfil freemasonry’s last great promise please get in touch with Duncan Maw, Provincial Grand Almoner on 07971 350951.

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