Caradoc L4749

Who are we?

We are a happy lodge enjoying good ritual
and at the festive board we always have harmony.

We have a good number of light blues and older more wiser dark blues
to keep us on the right path.

What we do

It could be regarded as a series of plays in which candidates take a lead role in a thought provoking role shrouded in symbolism and a we hope a better life going forward.

Why join us?

To increase your family of friends, to have a solid foudation in life and a desire to help your fellow man We are not a religion but we have certain values which we hold dear in our daily life.

When we meet

1st Wednesday except January & February.


Joining fee: £76.80

Lodge subscriptions: £230

Typical dining fee: included in subscription.


facilities at Castle Eden Masonic Hall


Stockton Road, Castle Eden, Co. Durham, TS27 4SD

Hall information

Directions Google Maps Hall ///cork.pursue.seatbelt Additional Information

Lodges that meet here


The Masonic Hall benefits from its own ample on-site private parking which is covered by CCTV. This is gravel based carpark catering for up to 30 vehicles. Accessible parking spaces are located approximately 15m from the Hall entrance.


A straight and level access from the carpark to the front entrance. The path is level concrete with hand rails along its length;


Wide double doors and a level entrance.


Emergency exits on the Ground floor lead directly to the car parking area, and the emergency exit from first floor has steps to ground level. A defibrillator is located in the ground floor foyer.


Castle Eden Masonic Hall was built in 1924, a time before disabilities were fully considered in building design. That being said, the unique design of the building, access to it, and the adaptions made, facilitate accessibility. 


Male and disabled accessible toilets are located on the ground floor. Female and disabled accessible toilet toilets are located on the first floor, adjacent to the dining area.


The ground floor is all on one level with no steps or ramps. From the main reception foyer, there is direct level access to the large changing room, toilets and the Temple. There is a hearing loop in the temple for those that require it. On the first floor there is the kitchen, bar and dining room; all on one level. The dining area has adequate seating for around 90 persons depending on the table arrangement. Dining tables are wheelchair accessible.


There is a Stair lift to the first floor dining room.  Stairs have handrail on one side.

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