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Butterfield’s 60 years (and 2 days) | Durham Freemasons

During the full Provincial Team visit, the Provincial Grand Master had the pleasure of presenting two 60 Year certificates at Tow Law Masonic Hall on Wednesday 19 th October 2022. The certificates were presented in a packed lodge room to cousins Harry and Billy Butterfield as acknowledgement of their long-standing services in their lodge, to the province and to freemasonry in general.

Harrold has fond memories of the joint initiation ceremony, 60 years and 2 days ago on 17 th October 1962 when 148 masons were packed into the lodge room with ‘knees being bumped’ as there was little room left for the perambulations on the carpet. Many members of the Butterfield family have been members of the lodge since its consecration in 1909. Harrold recalls many happy times in the lodge and afterwards, at the festive board, where at least 3-4 masons often performed harmony.

Vintage motorcycling has been one of Harold’s other hobbies with long distance riding. One such achievement was the ride between John O’Groats and Land’s End. Over the years he has increased his collection of motorbikes with the oldest bike manufactured back in 1910. During the bike’s lifetime it was sold and exchanged hands for the grand sum of half a ton of potatoes.

Unfortunately, the other recipient of the certificate cousin Billy Butterfield was recovering from a recent operation and was unable to attend on the evening. His certificate was presented to the Worshipful Master by the PGM for delivery to Billy along with his best wishes.

28 lodges were represented on the evening which was viewed as a testament to the respect the Butterfield cousins have achieved during their masonic carriers to date. The PGM said he looks forward to the next 10 years and the presentation of their 70-year certificate.

The raffle at the festive board raised £1,000 for charity where the members, guests and the Provincial deputation dined on 5 courses of food which included the famous hearty course of Tow Law Broth.

A tremendous masonic celebratory evening was enjoyed by all present.

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