Beaconsfield L7768

Who are we?

Beaconsfield Lodge No 7768 was founded in 1961 and became a dining Lodge in 1999, now meeting four times a year. Although the membership is low and generally of retirement age our meetings attract many visitors and are always vibrant and happy. 

We practice the “old workings” ritual, which is not too dissimilar to Emulation but it does have its own character. 

The members firmly believe in the tenants of the order, Integrity, Friendship, Respect and Charity and we were one of the first lodges in the Province to receive a Platinum Award for the 2021 Festival Giving.

What we do

We meet as Freemasons, enjoying each other’s company in the convivial atmosphere of a traditional lodge. Being a small in number, we have an excellent record of team-working with all members willing to stand-in for any absent officer. We look after each other and take great care to ensure that no member is without help if it is needed. That can include lifts to and from meetings, acting as taxi drivers if an invalided member needs to visit hospital or his GP practice, or simple home visits and phone calls if a member is ill and cannot attend meetings.

Why join us?

Beaconsfield Lodge has an almost unique position as a dining lodge within the Province. That said the lodge does take its meetings and ritual seriously and strives for perfection in the delivery of its ceremonies The lodge adopts a relaxed and dignified atmosphere in its proceedings which will suit men who go about their business quietly, diligently and efficiently. Being small in number Beaconsfield can offer all the same advantages as any other masonic lodge but the new member will quickly become acquainted with, and be known by, all lodge members, something that is not always possible in larger lodges, enabling him to gain confidence where previously they may have felt ignored, inhibited and subsequently lacked confidence.

Any new member will be assured of the guidance, support and encouragement from all current members and visitors to the lodge. There are many experienced members and a high level of trust existing among the members creating an ideal environment for learning and development. He will, at his own pace, have the opportunity to advance through all offices of the lodge, to deliver ritual and, perhaps, deliver lectures to the lodge should he wish to do so.

The Festive Board is a time to relax and enjoy the company of fellow masons, engage in interesting and varied conversations whilst enjoying a high-quality meal.  

All meals are waitress served and usually comprise a sherry reception, four courses followed by port and tea or coffee.

When we meet

First Tuesday February, April (Installation) July and November.


Joining fee: £15

Lodge subscriptions: £135

Typical dining fee: £17


facilities at Gateshead Masonic Hall


Alexandra Road, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, NE8 1RB.

Hall information

Directions Google Maps W3W ///strong.gentle.films Additional Information

Lodges that meet here


Ample car parking is available within the grounds of the building with some limited on-street parking if necessary.


Gateshead Masonic Hall offers three main entrance points, two of which are easy access. The main gated front entrance via Alexandra Road presents a few well lit steps, accompanied by a handrail. 

The two accessible entrances to the building are via the rear car park where the building is on the level. The first of the two wheelchair accessible points is via a set of doors leading from the car park into the main dining hall. The alternative route takes you to the Alexandra Road entrance of the building via well lit, perimeter footpath within the halls grounds. These routes are well lit and secured by CCTV.


Wide double doors.


There are Emergency Exits from all rooms evacuating to level ground outside the building. There is a defibrillator installed and several trained personnel.


The Masonic Hall in Gateshead is a single storey building making it fully accessible to all and especially those with mobility issues. The building is accessed through wide double-doors at the front and rear. There are ramps leading into the building at both doors and there will always be a welcoming and friendly Gateshead Freemason available to assist if required. All rooms inside the building are on the same single floor and easily accessible without the need for internal ramps or lifts. There is a Hearing Loop within the main Lodge Room 


There are separate male and female toilets, both are wheelchair accessible.


The building hosts a large 200 capacity dining hall with a professional kitchen and fully functioning bar. The bar offers a selection of alcohol and non-alcohol drinks, including a selection of draught beers, cans and bottles.

A large temple seating 100 and a smaller temple seating 50. 

A library / large meeting room, and a smaller meeting room.

The hall has separate Male / Female washroom facilities, each with their own cloakroom.


Access via the front entrance presents seven small steps assisted by a handrail. There are no further steps or lifts required within the building as it is built on ground level.

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