Beacon L6891

Who are we?

Beacon lodge was consecrated in 1949 out of necessity because of the waiting list of our mother lodge Tow Law 3349 with who we still share the same building, since its inception Beacon Lodge has steadily grown to be an active and progressive lodge while still retaining our old school masonic values.

What we do

We are very much a traditional Lodge but incorporating many modern requirements to enhance Membership quality while generating a feeling of belonging to all our members.

The current list of members range from senior Grand Lodge officers to newly joined members, while the age difference is from early twenties to mid-seventies, and beyond!! but we all have the same happy can-do attitude. We pride ourselves that while our work ethics may be old school, our attitude is friendliness and enjoyment with everyone working as part a real team. Everyone is welcomed at Beacon lodge with the same warm regards, whether it be their first visit or a regular visitor, we aim to enjoy each other’s company while trying to
enhance each other’s lives and hoping that when you leave, it will be with a smile on your face and also feeling that you not only enjoyed your time with us but you also felt in a small part, belonging to Beacon Lodge.

Tow Law is a small rural village, and we believe we can do a lot of good for our local community, whether it is delivering Christmas cards to residents in our locality to also providing, together with the other lodges, a defibrillator for public use which is outside our front door. We believe the community spirit of this area is still a very important subject for
our lodge.

Why join us?

We are a diverse mixture of members from varied backgrounds who work hard helping others whilst having fun in the process, we are always happy to welcome any new members believing new members are the lifeblood of Masonry. We have a good mentoring system aimed at helping and guiding new, as well as established members, we believe it is not only our duty to encourage each other but also to guide all our brothers, both present and past, with the satisfaction that while helping each other we are also raising funds for various local, national, and international charities. So, Beacon will continue to shine, and with more people
showing an increased interest in freemasonry post pandemic we look forward to a positive future, following our ideals that we are all here aiming to “make good men better”.

When we meet

We meet – 1st Thursday in the month from March to June and from September (when we install a new Worshipful Master) to December.


Joining fee: £82.80

Lodge subscriptions: £115

Typical dining fee: Around £10 for a three-course meal which usually includes our famous “Tow Law Broth” which it has been said, is thick enough to eat
with a knife and fork!!


facilities at Tow Law Masonic Hall


Masonic Hall, Bridge Street, Tow Law, Co. Durham, DL13 4LE

Hall information

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Street parking only on Bridge Street but the pavements are wide, and cars are generally off the main road when parked. There is some additional parking outside the Tow Law Millennium Primary school on the adjacent Wear Street just around the corner.


The Masonic Hall is on the Bridge Street section of the A68 passing through Tow Law.  From the south, drive past the Tow Law Service Station on your right and Tow Law Masonic Hall is 500 yards further along the road on your left. From the north, driving along the High Street section of the A68, the road takes a 90-degree left turn immediately adjacent the large war memorial. The Masonic Hall is 100 yards along the road on your right. There are a bus services passing close to the lodge, but Tow Law is a rural town and buses are getting scarcer all the time so please do check up-to-date timetables.


One enters the building through a large lobby. On the right is a well-appointed and comfortable Dining Hall. To your left is the Bar and Kitchen. Further through the lobby are the stairs to the first floor and the Chapter room.


The building is well appointed with emergency lights to aid safer egress. A smoke detection system is installed to vulnerable areas to detect and alarm in the event smoke is detected. There are steel fire escape steps from the first floor to the back yard should it be required for safe egress.

Fire Extinguishers are sited at designated points throughout the building.

A defibrillator system is installed to the outside of the Masonic Hall for use by both Companions and the Local Community.


Good easy access with a single step and wide access door into the long wide hallway inside the building. We also have an access ramp in the hallway should it be required. There is no specific wheelchair access to or around the building, however, we have had many wheelchair user Companions attend both the Chapter and the Festive Board.


Gentlemen’s toilets are located to the ground floor and Ladies on the first floor. On Chapter evenings, the toilets on the first floor are available for use by the Companions.  There are no specialist disabled toilets at the present time, however the provision of such disabled facilities are being actively investigated.


tastefully decorated. The dining hall is bright, well-lit and comfortable.

The heating systems have been recently replaced so even on a cold Tow Law evening you are sure of a warm welcome.  The first floor is accessible by a stair lift accessed from the long wide hallway.


The lodge room is on the first floor. It is well appointed, comfortable and

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