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Assistance for Children in Ghana | Durham Freemasons

On the 12th of June Excellent Companion Allan Stokoe presented a a cheque for £3,970 to Mr Joseph E Sudhakar the consultant orthopaedic surgeon at Darlington Memorial Hospital.

This generous donation was supported by Darlington Royal Arch Chapter, by making a generous donation of £500.

Mr Sudhakar and his surgical team travel every year, at their own expense, to Ghana, there to operate on children with genetic deformations in their legs and feet.

Last year, the team undertook 33 major operations, on infants, during their one week visit to Ghana.

This year the team travel out on the 3rd September and they anticipate that they will once again carry out around 33 operation for which they make no charge.

With the donation of £3,970 the team have been able to purchase a much needed portable piece of medical equipment, which will be used to ease the pain of the children post surgery.

Being portable the team retain possession of the equipment, which will enable them make use of the equipment in any location where they operate on a not for profit basis.

Ex Comp Allan Stokoe has over the past three years raised over £64,000 making donations to organisations such as:

Blood bikes

The Great North Air Ambiance Service

St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital

Sportsman’s Lodge

Help 4 Heroes

Salvation Army Night Shelters

Chemotherapy unit Bishop Auckland Hospital


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