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Critical Care Support

When Bill Armstrongs sister in law recently collapsed, she was rushed to the Critical Care Unit of Sunderland General Hospital. Bill and the family were so impressed and grateful for the wonderful care and support that both the patient and the family received, that they decided to try to raise funds to support that unit.

On Saturday 2nd December 2023, Bill and the rest of the members of Jarrow Grange Lodge no. 8551 held a fundraising social at Jarrow Masonic Hall in aid of the Critical Care Unit. Over 100 members, family and friends were in attendance and they were treated to a fantastic evening with a wonderful buffet, entertainment from Holly Jade, the daughter of the Master of the Lodge, two lots of Bingo, a Raffle and an Auction.

All told the event raised an incredible £1230 for the Critical Care Unit and the Lodge are now submitting a request to Durham Benevolence for any top up funding that may be available.

Well done Bill and all of the Members of Jarrow Grange Lodge.

Stronger Together

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Volunteering within your community

Now is a wonderful time to carry out some volunteering.

December is difficult for some in our communities and with a little help from the Durham Freemasons we can make a significant difference to people’s lives.

 Some tasks are done from the comfort of your own home.

With all the services through the Royal Volunteering Service

( )

you can opt-out or opt-in the any of the following tasks.

Check in and Chat – provides short-term telephone support to people who need a friendly call and encouragement to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

Check In and Chat Plus – provides support to more vulnerable people.

Community Response – supports people with a current health need with shopping, lateral flow tests and prescription delivery

Pick Up and Deliver – supports the NHS and people who have been newly discharged from hospital to home or are being cared for at home with the delivery of medication or equipment. Medication can also be delivered to those waiting for admission.

Connect – A pilot activity which supports people to take part in social activities, pastimes, or hobbies in the home or in their community.

Engage A pilot activity which supports in sheltered accommodation, care, residential and respite homes to assist the person leading social and wellbeing activities and groups.

Steward Volunteers – supports COVID-19 vaccination sites. They assist with managing queues, greeting, and directing people and monitoring numbers.

Just follow the link  and it is easy to enrol, you will get so much pleasure out of helping others!

 Durham Freemasons Stronger Together Volunteering Team.

Let us know if you have joined up so we can make sure of our support to you.

Malcolm Ormiston

Volunteering lead for the Province of Durham

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A Sign of the Times to Come | Durham Freemasons

When the TLC Teddies were relaunched throughout the Province five years ago a core part of our strategy was to build a close relationship with the many Hospitals that received them and their teams working in the Children’s Accident and Emergency.

It was hoped that over the years the hospital teams would recognise the support given by Durham Freemasons by the provision of Teddies to calm children in distress. We have so far provided over 113,000 of those little bears throughout the Province of Durham.

University Hospital of North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust have received over 13,000 distraction Teddies. They have become a core part of the Children’s Accident and Emergency Teams procedure for dealing with children in distress.

The Hospital were wishing to show their appreciation for the generosity of local Freemasons and invited The Provincial Grand Master John Paul Thompson, TLC Coordinator Duncan Maw and local Ambassador Mark Davies to attend the installation of the first plaque in the Province acknowledging our support.  It is now prominently displayed at the A & E Reception desk as can be seen in the photographs.

After the plaque was put in place, Nicola Jones, one of the units Paediatric HCA’s, also went onto the hospitals social media feed to highlight the plaque and to acknowledge the support given by local freemasons.

As John Thompson stated, the provision of the teddies and our close working relationship with local hospitals is a shining example of how local Freemasons can provide support and be recognised as a force for good in our local communities. I hope that we will see more plaques displayed in our local hospitals acknowledging our involvement.

Local TLC Ambassador Mark Davies remarked anyone who has had a young family member receive one of these little bears at a time of distress will instantly recognise how valuable they are and how well thought of by the recipients. The time given by the team at UHNTAND today clearly shows how valued the Teddies are.

TLC Coordinator Duncan Maw stated it costs approximately £15,000 per year to supply Teddies throughout the Province and we would like to thank all the Brethren for their ongoing generosity. He also expressed his gratitude to the TLC team for their continued hard work in ensuring the A&E’s throughout the Province are well stocked with supplies of the TLC Teddies.

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