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The Durham Cornerstone

The Durham Cornerstone – Fostering Growth, Brotherhood, and Enlightenment.

In the ever-evolving world of Freemasonry, the importance of fostering a strong sense of community and support among newer Masons cannot be overstated.  The Durham Cornerstone provides a dedicated platform for brethren in the Province of Durham to connect, share knowledge, and embark on their Masonic journeys together. The aim of The Durham Cornerstone is to encourage inclusion, involvement and development by engagement through social events for members, non-members/masons and partners/families. It will be owned by the Province but driven by the members and organised into four area based groups with all Master Masons, Fellowcrafts and Entered Apprentices automatically becoming members of a geographical group.

The Official launch will take place on Monday 13 Nov at Sanctuary Lodge in Durham Masonic Hall starting at 6:30pm and attended by a Provincial Deputation led by the PGM accompanied by the Master Masons selected to lead each area group.

Please contact the Secretary of Sanctuary Lodge to book your place at

Stronger Together.

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Busy Boardroom | Durham Freemasons

It’s been a busy week in the Provincial Boardroom this week. On Monday, a Members Pathway Mapping Session was held, reviewing the support required from prospective candidate through to fully-fledged member and beyond, focusing on the Pathway goals of Attraction, Engagement, Retention & Retrieval.

This was followed on Wednesday Evening by a meeting of the newly formed social media Team who held a strategy session to discuss how best to promote Freemasonry and in particular the activities of Durham Freemasons across the ever-increasing number of social media platforms. Look out for our posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and beyond.

Busy experienced Durham brethren dedicated to improving the whole experience for the present and just as important for future freemasons.

The first 2 photos are of the Mapping Session and the last of the social media team.

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