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9833 Club Reunion Meeting

The members of the 9833 club which consists of past members of the Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge held its first visit to Flambard Lodge NO.6874.

The Assistant Provincial Grand Master WBro Andrew PF Foster was delighted to attend the first club’s reunion visit on Monday 26th June 2023 at The Masonic Temple in Durham City. Twenty-two members attended Flambard Lodge No. 6874 and witnessed a 3rd Degree ceremony.

The club was honoured with the presence of 9 founder members of the Durham Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge 9833. This included 3 Past masters of the lodge which was consecrated in 2007. There was also the Current Master of the DPGSL and some current members in attendance. They will be officially able to join the Club upon their retirement from the lodge.

The club intends to continue with its support visits to various Masonic Halls around the province. They will be in attendance solely as visitors to the lodge, will not take part in the lodge meeting unless members and will observe any lodge traditions. The plan is to sit together at the Festive Board with the purpose of renewing and continuing friendships which were created during their membership in the DPGSL.

Andrew said, “We hope that the host lodge will greatly benefit from our attendance by our contribution to their charitable collection, the raffle at the Festive Board and we will hopefully significantly boost their attendance enhancing the experience for the candidate, members, and other visitors”.

The planned meetings for the Club, which will take place during this masonic year, will be to Sunderland, Gateshead, and Darlington.

Stronger Together

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