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Majestic Music | Durham Freemasons

The Band of the Coldstream Guards is one of the Oldest and best-known military bands in the world which can trace its history back to a Royal Warrant issued by King Charles II on the 3 rd January 1685.

In addressing the concert held in celebration of the life and service of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II His Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant for County Durham Mrs Sue Snowdon, thanked the outstanding musicians for not only their service, but for the wonderful opportunity they freely gave to the Schoolchildren of County Durham with their coaching tips, help and encouragement to enjoy and love music.

His Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant also thanked the incredible support and sponsorship given by the Freemasons of Durham which had ensured that the wonderful evening of musical enjoyment was made possible, but also their support which enabled the children to enjoy the opportunity to meet and work with the highest of calibre musical talent.

The Provincial Grand Master , John Thompson and the Chairman of Durham Benevolence  John D Watts the Assistant Provincial Grand Master both expressed their pleasure and delight in having the opportunity to enable and “make a difference”

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