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A Celebratory Night at Sincerity | Durham Freemasons

The Worshipful Master and brethren of Sincerity Lodge No 6036 on Wednesday were very pleased to welcome the Provincial Grand Master, John Paul Thompson and a Provincial Deputation team to their Installation night.

With the help from the number of the Provincial Deputation, over 70 brethren filled the lodge to see the Installing Master, Douglas Barkass, take charge for the night, resulting in the Past Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Gordon Brewis, being installed into the chair for his third time. Gordon’s first pleasing duty was to hand over two cheques to John Paul Thompson for Durham Benevolence and TLC Teddies which were great fully received. John reciprocated by performing a presentation and explanation of a Grand Lodge Certificate to one of Sincerity’s newest members, David Lee Barnes.

At the festive board the guest were treated to a hearty meal served from a team of stewards from Eardulph Lodge. On John’s reply to his toast, he thanked the brethren of Sincerity for a wonderful evening and commended Gordon Brewis for his service to the Province as an Assistant Provincial Grand Master. John went on to remind everyone the importance of every lodge in the Province to have or invest in a five-year membership plan to keep attendances like tonight, more achievable.

After the Master’s song, Gordon responded to his toast stating, “that was still as emotional as his first time as Master”, he then produced an album containing photographs taken at his first Installation in 1993, to pass around the room for viewing, claiming he looks no different almost 20 years on! You can see from the photos, the jury’s out on that one Gordon.

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