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Grand Rank Appointments 2023 | Durham Freemasons

The Provincial Grand Master/Grand Superintendent is pleased to announce that the Grand Master/First Grand Principal has been pleased to appoint to and promote in Grand Rank a number of Durham members, who will be invested at the Annual Investitures of Grand Officers to be held on the 26th and 27th April, at Freemasons’ Hall in London.

We are extremely proud of all of them all and look forward to seeing them adorned in their new regalia and insignia when they return to our Lodges and Chapters.


Receiving First Appointments:

Duncan Maw                            – PAGDC

David Anthony Turner         – PAGDC

Malcolm James Sweet          – PAGSwdB

Sidney James Watson          – PAGSwdB

Promoted to Past Grand Sword Bearer:

Michael Graham                       – PGSwdB

Promoted to Past Senior Grand Deacon:

Andrew Peter Fall Foster      – PSGD

Promoted to Past Junior Grand Deacon:

Dennis Hudson Robinson     – PJGD

Royal Arch:

Receiving First Appointments:

Michael Graham                       – PGStB

Paul Heatherington                – PGStB

Ronald William Davison      – PAGDC

Bryan Kennedy                        – PAGDC

Promoted to Past Assistant Grand Sojourner:

Peter Athen Smith                  – PAGSoj

We congratulate them all on their respective preferment in recognition of their commitment and dedication to Freemasonry and wish them the best of health and happiness………….to continue to enjoy their Freemasonry!

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