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The New Craft Mentoring Guidebooks | Durham Freemasons

The new Craft Mentoring Guidebooks are now online and for download here and via the Team App and should now be used instead of all previous versions. The Royal Arch Guide has not been replaced and there are no immediate plans to do so therefore, you are able to continue using existing copies.

To view or download from the Website Click Here:

Instructions to on how download Team App Click Here:

The Guides are there to act as an initial source of information to the new members, providing a general summary of masonry, an explanation of the degree just completed and a signpost to further information.

The expectation is that the Guides should be printed-off by the Lodge/Chapter Mentor and presented to each new member at the Festive Board immediately after each of their respective degrees. This enables the Mentor to introduce himself and have visibility in the Lodge/Chapter when explaining his role, to the new member.

The Guides provide the Mentoring Co-Ordinator with his first opportunity to discuss mentoring with his new members. After asking if he enjoyed the previous ceremony etc he can say “how did you find the Guidebook”?  “was it useful”? “do you need me to elaborate on anything”?  etc and there begins the process of mentoring.

We hope you find the new Guides, attractive and useful documents conveying our message of Integrity, Friendship, Respect and Charity.


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