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Age UK Gateshead

The Deputy Provincial Grand Master, John Watts, accompanied by the Durham Provincial Almoner, Duncan Maw and the Northumberland Provincial Almoner Norman West paid a visit to Gateshead Age UK on Gateshead High Street. to meet up with Donna Taylor – Charity Director and Kate Wildish- Community Development Senior at Age Uk.

The Durham and Northumberland Freemasons through the MCF (Masonic Charitable Foundation) have allocated £60,000 MCF grant to Age UK Gateshead to allow them to deliver desperately needed support to the range of services offered. Heading up these services will be Kate who gave John, Duncan and Norman an insight into the extra services in the Gateshead and Newcastle areas that this funding will allow.

John commented ” The freemasons of both Durham and Northumberland are delighted to assist this wonderful charity in the process of widening their services and look foward to returning at a future date to see the progress made.”

There will be a full press release to follow.

Short thank you video

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