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John Goes Live On Prince Bishops Hospital Radio

Many thanks to our TLC  Coordinator Mark Davies, Colin Overton and the TLC team for organising an interview with Craig Robinson one of the volunteer DJs at Prince Bishops Hospital Radio with our ProvGM John Thompson. John said,

“It was a great opportunity to chat about Durham freemasonry, and our amazing TLC team whilst highlighting our members’ great work to the community“.

After the interview, the team took the time to make an important delivery of bears and to chat with the nurses in the urgent care ward where our TLC bears are given to children in distress. 

Many thanks to our TLC ambassadors who give so much time to ensure our TLC scheme continues to succeed. To date over 116,500 bears donated to our local hospitals and urgent care units. Thank you to all our lodges and members who continue your support of TLC

Thanks to Mark Davies, John Deamer, Nick Howell, Colin Overton and Kevin Carter who supported John on the visit.

To listen to live Interview: Click Here

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