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Visiting Volunteers

The Durham Province’s team of visiting volunteers were today brought together at Billingham Masonic Hall for a fantastic refresher training session from Mike Martin the MCF’s Visiting Volunteer Coordinator. At the end of the seminar Mike was delighted to award the attendees with their Visiting Volunteer pin for them to wear with pride at masonic events. 

The Visiting Volunteers offer a discrete and dedicated service to the masonic community by undertaking applications for support to the MCF. They bring to bear experience from 8 years in the role and an expertise in the requirements for the completion of the forms and evidence required. This not only provides a more personal application process but speeds up the payment of grants due to forms being completed “right first time” and the number of queries being reduced. 

The Province of Durham was proud to be one of the pilot provinces for the Visiting Volunteers and it’s an initiative that’s gone from strength to strength and allowed the MCF to speed up the grant process for recipients. Due to the nature of the role The Volunteers are an unsung example of freemasonry in our community and making a fantastic difference to those in need!

Mike Martin is a Kent freemason and not only works for the MCF but is himself a notable example to us all by bringing freemasonry into his community. He helped drive various group initiatives supporting the profound changes at Ebsfleet United football club. 

Although the club is on a much firmer financial footing Mike can now be seen leading the team of volunteer club car park attendants at home games. Come rain, snow, or sunshine you will not get access to the club car park without first receiving the nod from Mike in his high Viz vest and after referral to his trusty clipboard list. 

These small acts of volunteering, for unsung and unglamorous roles add enormously to the communities we live in and really make a difference.

Stronger Together.


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