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Alan James Moore 60 Years Service to Freemasonry | Durham Freemasons

It was 60 not out for Alan James Moore of Trinity Lodge when he received his 60 year service to Freemasonry certificate at his home  from VW Bro George Clark, PDepProvGM, on 8th February 2023, as a consequence of Alan suffering from deteriorating health, which has prevented Alan attending Vane Lodge’s regular meetings.

Alan was initiated into Vane Lodge Bishop Auckland, on Friday 8th February 1963 following on in his father’s footsteps, and became their worshipful Master on 2 occasions 1975 and 20 years later in 1995 having 2 years earlier taken the chair of Trinity Lodge.  Alan remains a highly respected freemason and as a stalwart of the lodges he is a member, and was particularly delighted to receive honorary membership of Vane Lodge in 2022.

He presented Vane Lodge with their  current Past Masters Jewel, other donations over the years have included his farm hosting barbeques  raise funds in aid of Provincial Festivals for Vane Lodge. The farm is also the base for Alans other great passion in life, that of training race horses rumour has it, often producing the odd winning steed.

Joining the presentation party of George and Alan’s wife were members of  Vane Lodge George Siddle, Rod Hornsey, Paul Beere and Thomas Stubbs and representing Trinity Lodge, Simon Atkinson and Kevin William.

Congratulations Alan

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