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A Worthy Cause Indeed. | Durham Freemasons

Jarrow Grange ended their Masonic year as they held their traditional open night, allowing wives, partners and friends to attend, but with a very pleasing duty attached.

When Covid restrictions were eased and lodges were allowed to up again, Past Master Bill Armstrong and his wife Jaqueline were keen to organise a charity night in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society to celebrate being together again and to raise funds for a charity dear to their hearts. Bill lost two uncles to Alzheimer’s during the Covid pandemic and owing to the restrictions in place at the time was unable to celebrate their lives as they so deserved. There was an inherent risk in this endeavour that people would not feel comfortable to mix with others so quickly after the easement of our previous confinements but fortunately their concerns were not realised and over 50 members and guests enjoyed a wonderful evening in the Jarrow Masonic Hall, with entertainment provided by Barry G, and a Geordie Supper provided by John Kerrison, culminating in them raising a significant sum for that charity.

Back to the open night and, aside from brethren, friends and family, two very special guests from the Alzheimer’s Society were on hand to take receipt of a cheque for £1,500.  Bill was pleased to present the cheque to Siobhan and Debbie to thank them for the fabulous work they do and with the hope that this modest sum would help them to continue their selfless endeavours.

Rather unfortunately there cannot be many members who have not been touched with family or friends suffering with one of the many forms of dementia which makes this particularly noteworthy.

Debbie outlined her role as an Ambassador for the cause, noting how the support provided during her personal experience led to her involvement and how much that support helps family members understand and cope with the changes in their loved ones, which was reinforced by Siobhan who described and illustrated some of the many activities that this money will be used to fund and will ease some of the symptoms of dementia.  A worthy cause indeed and applause to all involved.

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