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A Special Night for St. John and Ashburne Chapter No.80

This week saw a very special meeting held at the Provincial Office in Sunderland to mark the final meeting in the Province of Durham of St. John and Ashburne Chapter No.80. The Chapter after carefully considering its future made the necessary enquiries and arrangements for relocation to the Metropolitan Grand Chapter in London and will be attached to St. John’s Lodge No. 80 who made a similar move some time ago. This was facilitated by the Association of Atholl Lodges. A number of Durham Companions will continue to be members of the Chapter with others becoming Honorary members. The Chapter will meet at Great Queen Street in London twice a year with Sunderland Companions continuing to visit the capital for these meetings.

This special meeting marked the first time that a Lodge or Chapter meeting had been held in the splendid surroundings of the Provincial Office!

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