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A Job Well Done

At the St Bede Lodge Meeting held at Gateshead the Provincial Grand Master, John Thompson Installed a new Deputy and Assistant, and while he did refer to the standing down of the Provincial Secretary it deserves a few words of its own. John quoted the following :

“Brethren, before we leave this evening, I have one more announcement. Our Provincial Grand Secretary Thomas Fred Gittins who you will all be very familiar with, is stepping down at the annual meeting in June.

Tom has been the head of our secretariat now for 8.5 years and has served three PGM’s with distinction. I think Tom probably would have finished his role earlier but was good enough to stay on when I was appointed to ensure stability for me and the province, for which I’m very grateful. When the time comes and it’s not for another 5 months, we wish Tom all the best in his retirement.

With that being said Brethren, I need to find a replacement and I can announce to you this evening “That he is found”. It gives me great pleasure to announce that Richard Scott of St Bede Lodge has accepted my invitation to be our next Provincial Grand Secretary. Richard will be appointed at our June AGM meeting. I have no doubt that he will bring enthusiasm to the role and will guide the secretariat through the implementation of UGLE’s Project 23 during the coming years.  Please join me in thanking Tom and wishing Richard all the best.”

Many thanks Tom. Indeed, a job well done

Stronger Together

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