Eanred L7478

Who are we?

Eanred Lodge is the only lodge to be based in the town of Billingham, in the far South of the Province of Durham. We pride ourselves on being a family orientated Lodge which is well-run, friendly and welcoming. We attract a regular flow of new and joining members each year. Visitors and guests are made especially welcome and can expect a very good standard of ceremony and great food at the festive board at no cost. We have close links to TLC Durham, a Masonic Charity which supplies Distraction Teddies to A&E Departments throughout the Province.

What we do

We are a group of down to earth Freemasons who enjoy the formality of our Freemasonry upstairs in the Lodge Room followed by some light-hearted banter at the Festive Board downstairs. As well as being there for each other, we are by nature charitable individuals who enjoy expressing this in the local community and beyond.

Why join us?

If you are a good man with a charitable outlook and you would like to broaden your social circle whilst having fun, our members of varied ages and occupations would be more than happy to welcome you aboard.

When we meet

Second Monday in Sept to Jun (Installation May.)


Joining fee: Pro Rata Lodge Subscription plus UGLE Initiation Fee.

Lodge subscriptions: £200

Typical dining fee: Free


facilities at Billingham Masonic Hall


32 Mill Lane, Billingham, TS23 1HF.

Hall information

Directions Google Maps W3W ///nearly.horn.extra Additional Information

Lodges that meet here


There is Tarmac Parking Bays at the front of the building.


The main entrance to the temple is on Station Road. Wheelchair access is from the car park


Wide door with two streps, access via an intercom.


Emergency exit from ground floor, not required on upper levels due to stone staircase.


We welcome everyone and we will always be ready to lend a helping hand when required and assist Brethren and visitors to fully participate and enjoy the facilities.


Ladies, Gents and Accessible toilet near entrance on the Ground Floor.


Ground floor entrance lobby with changing room, stairs to 1st floor and access to Dining/Function Room. Tables are wheelchair accessible. Corridor with access to kitchen and two steps to Bar at the rear.


Stair Lift and double handrail on stairs.

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